What is Digital Transformation?

The digital business transformation is disrupting old and creating new forms of industry logics. The emerging changes can be summed up as a movement towards The Networked Society. The market changes are drastic, and future predictions of effects are complex but important to look into. This is where we see the opportunity and the natural fit with our core competencies, resources and interests at SSE.

How we work


To develop a conceptual toolbox for analysing disruptive digitalization and service innovation in the new emerging networked society.   


To perform comparative case studies of disruptive digitalization processes in a set of chosen industries. In order to deepen the understanding of these new, emerging processes and to form the foundation for the theoretical and conceptual work.




To transform empirical and conceptual work into teaching and educational content in techno-economic course programs to which the research group is associated.    



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FOcUS AreaS 

We are exploring fifteen areas of society.

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