It is widely acknowledged that business leaders across all sectors are grappling with the strategic implications of digital transformation taking place in their organizations, industry ecosystems, and in the society. The economic, societal and business implications of digitalization are contested and raising serious questions about the wider impact of this kind of changes.

Digital Transformation Think Tank undertakes to look for answers to those questions and investigate new phenomena pertaining to digitalization.

Our team collects, reviews and contributes to the research on digital innovation and transformation, with a special focus on their business and organizational contexts.

Our work is represented by numerous case studies carried out over the last few years in a range of different sectors.

We aim to deepen the understanding of disruptive digitalization and innovation in the emerging networked society, develop a conceptual toolbox for analysis of those new developments in various industries, as well as transform this work into educational content for different stakeholders.

Digital Transformation Think Tank was established by the Center for Digital Innovation and Transformation at Stockholm School of Economics as an attempt to answer the emerging questions and investigate new developments in the sphere of digital transformation.